Return To Me

What to Do When Loved Ones Fall Away

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Are your sleepless nights punctuated with heart rending prayers for a loved one who has walked away from you and your God? If so, then know this. You are not alone.

One of the greatest tragedies of our time is the great loss of human souls from Christian families—good families that have had every spiritual blessing. In Return To Me, Kathy Pollard guides you through a very personal Bible study—one that will help fortify your faith against fears, doubt, and guilt. Return To Me provides hope and comfort as you struggle with a wandering loved one.

Speaking to my heart

From the very first chapter, I felt that Kathy Pollard was speaking to my heart as I sensed her deep concern for those who lose their way spiritually and her desire to reach out to them in love.

I needed to read Return To Me

Oh, Kathy . . . how I needed to read Return To Me, and didn’t really know I needed to read it until I read it! . . . . Your gentle words truly gave me comfort, as well as the little prod I needed to proactively look for ways to catch those who may be falling through the cracks, and to love and encourage those who have already fallen.

The time is ripe

The time is ripe for this topic, and Kathy broaches it with sensitivity and Godly wisdom. I highly recommend this rich resource.

Sound, biblical advice

Kathy has managed to give sound biblical advice in a very clear and loving way. I recommend Return To Me to anyone living with this situation.

Kathy Pollard shares encouragement with Christian women as a speaker and author. She lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Neal, three awesome sons, and a goldendoodle named Chipper. You can follow her online at

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Retail price: $13.95
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