Jesus Christ: The Master Teacher

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In this book, Wayne Jackson has examined many facets of the teaching of Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God. He explores both the Lord’s authority to teach and the wide variety of great themes that Jesus developed during his earthly ministry.

Also considered are the teaching methods of Christ, along with the practical nature of his instruction. The Lord’s use of illustrations, together with his compassion for people, was phenomenal. The Savior’s uniqueness of presentation and his claims about himself are of critical importance.

This book, containing twenty-one chapters, is easily understood, fully documented, and packed with information that will enhance the library of any dedicated Christian. It is a work that you will consult repeatedly—especially so for ministers, church leaders, Bible class teachers and Christians interested in learning more about their Savior.

In This Book You Will Discover:

  • How Jesus perfectly understood the mind of God and the nature of man
  • The unparalleled impact upon the world of Jesus’ existence and teaching
  • What Jesus claimed about himself
  • How the influence of Jesus defies natural explanation
  • Why the Lord’s teaching is fresh, compelling, and authoritative
  • How Jesus expertly used logic, questions, and illustrations in his teaching
  • How the Master of the world serves as our example of humility
  • How Christ dealt with controversy
  • How Jesus viewed the Old Testament scriptures
  • What Jesus taught about heaven, hell, salvation, and many other topics

Wayne Jackson has been a prolific writer for more than a half-century, including commentaries on the New Testament, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Lamentations, Revelation, Acts, Philippians, and Paul’s Letters to Timothy and Titus.

He has also written numerous practical books on Christian apologetics, including: The Bible and Science, Creation, Evolution, and the Age of the Earth, The Human Body: Accident or Design?, and others.

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Retail price: $21.95
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